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Sad, but common reality...
Due to our patriarchal society, lack of sexual education and suppression of our sexuality, many women have suffered from a traumatic or disrespectful sexual experience. Being involved in an unpleasant and dissatisfying sex is unfortunately a very common reality amongst women. 
I hear many women who complain about their partner who does not quiet understand their body and their needs. They feel as their are being sexually used and taken advantage of. For them, sex has turned into a one-sided experience where their partner constantly "takes", never truly serves and leaves them sexually and emotionally frustrated. 
Any unwanted, dissatisfactory, or traumatic sexual experiences, could easily leave a negative imprint on your body. Any time you encountered an unpleasant intimate situation, you have created an energetic blockage that can interrupt the flow of energy in your body, especially in your Yoni. Such interruptions can interfere with the way you access your inner Goddess and receive and allow pleasure in.
These undesirable circumstances have the potential to damage the way you relate to your partner (masculine) and your ability to trust and surrender to love. It can also cause your body to be rigid and closed, make it difficult to embrace your femininity, and as a result you might have lost your confidence and your true power as a sexual being.

Can You Relate to Any of These Injustices? 
 If Yes, Then Yoni Healing Can Be Your Remedy

What is Yoni Healing?
Yoni Healing is an excellent remedy that can allow you to unleash your sexual potential, to eradicate the blockages that you may have restored in your body, to once again get in touch with your feminine, and to mend your relationship with the masculine.

Yoni Healing is where you can end the victimised mindset, take full responsibility for your inner world, empower yourself and heal your body once and for all! Yoni Healing is a hands on practise where you have an opportunity to surrender to the present moment, to regain your true essence as a woman, and yet be in full control of your experience.

Unlike the other types of massage, Yoni Healing is not a passive treatment. It is a collaboration where you and I work together as a team to break through all the barriers that sit between you and your super-powers. However, in this healing session, you are leading your own experience and you are creating your own healing paths.

In this practise, my role as the masculine is to provide you with my undivided presence, to bring consciousness to your body, to shine the light of awareness to the areas that are blocked, painful, or numb. This experience can bring up variety of emotions and feelings such as joy, sadness, love, anger... and I will be the light-house that guides you through your journey, no matter how chaotic or blissful, how stormy or calm it may be.

As your light-house, my gift is my presence and my love. I am there with you, side by side to create a safe environment where you can heal your own body and reconnect to your inner Shakti.

Heal Yourself From All the Pain and Bondages that the Unconscious Has Given You

What do we do in a session?

Discussing boundaries to create a safe environment

Setting intentions to have a clear understanding of what you want to heal from your session

Breath work and meditation in order to calm your body and increase your awareness

Full body massage to further relax your body and switch on your parasympathetic nervous system

Pelvic Liberation in order to unlock all the blockages in your pelvic area

Yoni massage (exterior)

​Yoni mapping and massaging the entire Yoni (interior) in order to release all the blockages, eliminate the tension and to bring sensation and aliveness to any numb area. This part of the healing can also be very pleasurable however, pleasure is not the goal of Yoni Healing.

Integration and sharing

"After our session, my body was filled with love and I could not stop crying. Oh you have opened my heart Sia and showed me how amazing it is to be a woman...Thank you"       
Helen S.M  

"Wow! What just happened?! What did you do?! I didn't even know my body was capable of creating such sensations. Every woman on earth should know about this healing. I am truly grateful..."       
Tamara M

"I haven't been with a man for over 5 years. I could not trust them. But, thanks to your love, presence, and healing session, I feel that I am ready to go out there and be wild again!"       
 Christina E.F

"I thought I had lost the connection with my inner feminine. I had forgotten how wonderful it is to surrender and to receive. I am going to tell all of my friends about your magic hands Sia!"    

 Liz B

Do you feel that you want heal yourself, regain your powers, and reconnect to your essence?
Do you feel that it is time shine?

Booking Your Healing Session

To book your session please e-mail me and explain why you want do Yoni Healing by answering the following questions: 

1-  What is it that I want to gain
2-  What is it that I want to let go

I understand that you might have many questions in regards to our session, so please do not hesitate to include them in your e-mail.
After the initial contact, we will arrange a Skype or zoom session where we can have a chat
get to know each other more
clear any uncertainty
discuss how we can work together
and go through the payment options and finalise the date.

please e-mail me at:


Lots of love