​The Spongy & Squirting Pleasures


This course covers an essential part that many men don't know about, which is how to enter her vagina in the most caring, respectful and pleasurable  way.

Additionally, as you may have discovered in the Female's Sexual Anatomy course, women's genitals is made up of spongy erectile tissues (yes! just like men) that requires the right understanding when it comes to play.  

The G-Spot and Perineal Sponge, which are extremely erogenous and orgasmic body parts, are the main focus of this comprehensive course. Here, you will learn how to guide your lover into a high state of arousal that can lead her to full body and squirting orgasms. 


When it comes to our sex lives, both men and woman are suffering due to the limited education and lack of understanding. 

Women's body is a wonderful maze that requires a specific knowledge in order to be explored. Not knowing how to respect and care for your lover vagina can only lead to an unsatisfactory sexual experience. 

A woman's vagina is her Sacred Temple and like any other holy place, upon arrival, you need to understand how to behave in the most respectful and loving way.

How would you like it if someone just kicked your door and barged into your house? Or how would you like it if a woman, without any care or permission just inserted her finger up in your ass?! I am sure you would not appreciate such rudeness.  So, why do you think it is any different when it comes to your lover's body?

Being able to show respect and by honouring your lover's most intimate body part, you are basically respecting and honouring yourself as a man. You express to your partner that you are man enough to understand how delicate and precious her vagina is. This evolved way of relating to her vagina can easily be one of the most empowering and effective way to treat any woman you become intimate with. 

Additionally, when your lover feels respected and cared for, only then she can truly trust you and allow herself to let go.
Such letting go, which is both mental and physical, is the prerequisite for reaching G-Spot (full body and squirting) orgasms.   

When you learn the right mindset in addition to how you can properly enter and stimulate a woman's vagina, then you have reached a new hight in the realm of love making. 

​"​​​A woman's vagina is her sacred temple. Always enter it with respect and love."


  • check
    How to respect her so she can fully trust you as a man.
  • check
    What women really want (it's not necessarily orgasm!)
  • check
    Why you must always ask her before entering and the profound impact this has
  • check
    How to truly FEEL her vagina and experience it like you've never felt it before
  • check
    The difference between masculine and feminine qualities
  • check
    Why having the "S.S.G." attitude is critical for you to enter her vagina properly
  • check
    Why a "one way fits all" never works with women and how it can cause unnecessary frustration for you
  • check
    The single most important attitude you must have every time you touch her
  • check
    The one simple practice that all superior lovers do outside the bedroom to improve the quality of their sex
  • check
    Why communication is an integral part of your sex, especially before and while you enter her
  • check
    ​What you need to do after you give her a G-Spot or squirting orgasm (and what not to do!)
  • check
    Why you have to give her time and allow her to be receptive before you enter her Sacred Temple
  • check
    How to actually give your lover G-Spot and squirting orgasms
  • check
    Interesting ways you can stimulate other areas of her genitals while you are giving her G-Spot stimulation
  • check
    The right depth to go in to reach her G-Spot (it's not as deep as you think!)
  • check
    ​The "Hook" ​technique to stimulate her G-Spot and encourage squirting orgasms
  • check
    How to help and support her to have her first squirting orgasm if she never had one before
  • check
    How to instantly change her state to help her let go of negative mind patterns that stop her from having an orgasm
    How to instantly change her state to help her let go and get out of her negative mind patterns
  • check
    ​Where her fluid from squirting orgasms actually comes from
  • check
    What to do if intense emotions come up for her after G-Spot or squirting orgasms
    What to do if intense emotions come up after g-spot or squirting orgasms
  • check
    How to benefit from the most ideal bonding state to deepen your connection and intimacy with her
    How to take advantage of a bonding state to deepen your connection
  • check
    How sex can actually be a healing process to clear her past emotional traumas
    How sex can be a healing process to clear her past traumas
  • check
    Why its way better to give her one large orgasm then 10 smaller ones
  • check
    An unknown penis tapping technique that can give her intense pleasure inside her
    An unknown penis tapping technique that can give her intense pleasure inside her.
  • check
    Why thrusting in and out is actually not the most pleasurable thing to do with women
    Why Thrusting is not the most pleasurable thing to do with women
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    and much, much more...


​153+ minutes of HD production-quality video content covering comprehensive ​information about ​entering her vagina, G-Spot and squirting orgasms.

​A mindset video that primes you to approach the ​knowledge in the right way so you can apply it effectively in the bedroom.

​A homework video that gives you specific exercises so you can practice and incorporate the info into your sex life right away.

​A private members-only Facebook ​group with other course students where you can get support & ask questions.

​A printable certificate ​​​​of achievement from the School of Luv Making upon successful completion ​of the course and quiz.

​A quiz which will test you on your knowledge that you learned in the course to see how well you know it and if you need to review.


  • check
    ​Become a master of how​ her vagina and G-Spot works, so you can hit her ​this area effortlessly without ​feeling lost or causing her pain or discomfort
  • check
    ​Gain massive confidence in the bedroom and know her ​vagina in ways she probably ​didn't even know could give her pleasure
  • check
    Know ​​how to give her mind-blowing, full-body G-Spot and squirting orgasms she will never forget
  • check
    Save yourself disappointment from accidentally turning her off, by ​knowing ​when the perfect time is to enter her sacred temple
  • check
    ​Gain and keep her trust in the bedroom when you can demonstrate how you know how her ​G-Spot works
  • check
    ​Be able to give her amazing pleasure without even having to stick your cock inside her
  • check
    Relax her mind instantly so she can easily have orgasms that before may have been hard for her to have
  • check
    Deepen your intimacy with her by taking advantage of a peak bonding state that happens after she orgasms
  • check
    Save yourself wasted time and frustration from other sources of information that doesn't show you the right mindset and context of how to apply it in the bedroom



​"​Not only did I learn specific techniques how to give women G-Spot orgasms but the mindset parts were invaluable. It's the best course I've ever bought about women sexuality. Can't wait for the next one!

- Michael H.


​"​I thought I knew everything about g-spots, but actually I realised I didn't... this course opened my eyes to how much pleasure I was not able to give ​my girl before. Boom!

- ​Duke Y.


I​ really want to help you​ my friend... 

I​ only teach what I have personally tried and tested throughout ​15+ years on my journey.

​I've ​experienced the benefits over and over again not only in my own life, but also seen them in the lives of my clients and other students who have taken this course.

I believe so strongly in the knowledge​ I will share with you that I offer a​ 30-day money back guarantee on this course and all my other courses.

​That means you can enrol, watch all the content, try it out, and if you're not satisfied, simply let me know within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund. Simple!


If you're ready to change your sex life and start becoming a superior lover, simply click on the button below to ​go to the checkout area and follow the steps to get instant access to the course...



Q: How do I know this is the right course for me?
A: If you're a man who truly wants to understand women and how to ​give her incredible G-Spot and squirting orgasms, then this is ​a course you must get.

Q: How do I get access to the course content?
A: Once you complete the checkout process, you will be able to instantly log into the members area and access your course. You will get an email with your login information as well for future reference.

Q: Can't I just find this information on Google or YouTube?
A: A fair question, but you need to understand that the quality of most free content online varies dramatically, and you don't even know if it works or has been tested. All the content in the School of Luv Making is high quality and professionally produced for an enjoyable learning experience that further accelerates your progress.

Q: ​What if I have questions as I go through the course?
A: ​If you've gone through the entire course, practiced the exercises in the homework, and attempted the quiz, but still have unanswered questions, then feel free to reach out to me and I'll be honoured to help you along your journey. Simply email me through the contact form on this website and I'll get back to you soon.

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