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This is the first step you must take in your journey of becoming a superior lover. ..

If you want to be able to create an amazingly pleasurable sexual experience for you and  your lover, first you must understand about her body.

This course will break down all the erogenous zones of a woman's body - where they are, how they work, and how to stimulate them in order to maximise pleasure.

Building up your lover's sexual energy is a crucial part of creating the most satisfying and pleasurable sex possible for both of you.

A mediocre lover spends very little time warming up his lover and rush into sex, causing her discomfort or even pain! A superior lover knows that by patiently and lovingly massaging her pussy, he can allow her to become receptive, amplify her senses and lead her into an amazing love journey. 

The clitoris, which sits at the crown of a woman's genitals, is the most sensitive and erogenous part of her body that can give her intense orgasms.

When you know how to properly approach the "jewel of her ecstasy", you will be able to create the most amazing sexual experience for her

Superior lovers know the importance of such orgasmic body part and treat it with love, care and respect.

Before you enter her vagina or "sacred temple" there are certain prerequisites that are highly important to make sure she is ready to receive you.

Once you are welcomed, you'll be able to play with her spongy areas and even give her a squirting orgasm. Imagine being the man that can pleasure her in ways she never thought was possible.

The clitoris and g-spot are not the only erogenous zones in a woman's body. There are more, which are located deeper inside her vagina. These delicious and highly orgasmic spots can give her full-body orgasms that will lead her into bliss.

Most women don't even know they have these erogenous zones, but after doing this course, you and your lover can explore the unexplored areas in her body.