Hi I'm Sia!

I grew up in a very intimate environment. Connection was the core value in my family.

My mother was a huge role model in teaching me how to be affectionate, open and empathic towards feminine energy. This closeness with my mother has made me crave deeper connection with others, especially women.

When I went to university, I knew a few things about women, but like most men I was puzzled by how to connect with them, how to please them and how to create deep and intimate sexual experiences with them.

I watched porn and talked to my friends, but nobody had the right answer for me. Conventional sexual education had failed me. I knew deep down that there must be something more...

While going back and forth trying to learn more about myself, women, and life in general, I had my awakening. I understood what it meant to be conscious, to be aware and how to look inwards. This combination of events led me to become much more conscious in my intimate relationships.

Meanwhile, as part of my personal development process, I started studying the art of seduction. Through seduction I came across many women who taught me significant lessons on how to create a deep, vulnerable and loving connection. I learned about Tantra, Karma Sutra and Shamanism, becoming incredibly mindful and observant of the whole sexual process.

Every Luv Making experience was a new lesson; each touch, each orgasm was a new door into understanding the beautiful Venusian creature called women. I became obsessed with finding out what women want, how to please them and how to create the beautiful experience of Oneness.

Now, after almost 15 years of exploring the wonders of Luv Making, it is time for me to share what I have learned with the world. To follow my passion – to teach, to guide and to help others find their path and transform their lives.

Experience and Qualifications

  • Workshop Leader at Tantra Festival Sweden 2018
  • Assistant at ISTA Level 1 (International School of Temple Arts) at Ängsbacka, Sweden, 2018
  • Lead Facilitator at Pleasure and Intimacy Retreat in UK, 2018
  • Speaker at Let's Talk about Pleasure and Intimacy Event
  • Bachelor of Business Commerce, Latrobe University, Melbourne, Australia
  • Certificate 3 & 4 In Fitness, Melbourne Australia
  • Massage Therapist (Trigger Points - Deep Tissue Massage)
  • Speaker at LoveX 
  • Studied at ISTA (International School of Temple Arts), Sweden 2017
  • Erotic Intelligence Level 1 - with Shekina Ray, London, 
  • Body De-armouring retreat - with Andrew Barns, London, 
  • Love Making Retreat - with John Hawken, Prague  
  • Studying Tantra at Tara Yoga, London
  • Polarity Retreat with Tara Yoga Centre, UK
  • Shamanic Breath-work with - Elaine Young
  • Conscious Sexuality Retreat at Osholeela, UK  
  • Personal Trainer Since 2009
  • Diploma of Life Coaching, Institute of Life Coaching Australia
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Vipassana Retreats, 2014, 2015, 2016